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Integrated GPS via Autonomous SiRF III GPS positioning system

The optional integrated high-sensitivity GPS allows to track personnel and equipment and minimize transportation costs. Please refer to the MC70+GPS Specification Sheet for details.

Industry-leading double impact testing (drop and tumble), IP54 sealing, integrated antennas

The flagship MC70 Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA) is a rugged handheld mobile device that incorporates a mobile phone, PDA, computer, scanner and imager in a single unit designed for the rigors of all-day, everyday usage.

Friday, March 28, 2014

The first rugged enterprise digital assistant

The leading MC70 Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA) is a rugged handheld mobile device that comes with a cell phone, PDA, computer, barcode scanner and imager in a single unit designed for the rigors of all-day, everyday usage. This compact, compact device combines multi-mode wireless networking, voice and data communications, and advanced data capture in an enterprise productivity tool that may support nearly any application in any environment. Outstanding voice performance includes outstanding acoustic performance and voice quality, handset, headset and speakerphone modes. Your mobile workers may have everything they need to increase productivity and efficiency outside and inside your four walls - from field workers reading meters and repairing gear to drivers delivering packages, hospital workers checking lab results and medication orders, and more.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


The market leading powerful mechanical design and technology platform offer superior design and expandability, delivering outstanding investment protection and a low total cost of ownership (TCO). Engineered to withstand rigorous use in extreme conditions and working conditions, the MC70, such as the internal WLAN and external WWAN antennas, can endure multiple drops, an array of temperatures, moisture, dust, and more and still deliver reliable performance.

The MC70 offers strong and cost-effective anytime, anyplace voice and data connectivity. For workers away from your facility, support for GSM/EDGE and CDMA-EVDO networks delivers global coverage, fast wireless data speeds which allow rich apps, and enterprise level security. Inside your facility, the MC70 connects to your wireless LAN for voice and data communications, providing better control over wireless WAN usage - and costs. And wireless PAN functionality, via Bluetooth, further boosts worker productivity through wireless printing and more.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Reduce the cost and complexity of mobility

The versatile, effective MC70 is a great investment, providing a cell phone, PDA plus much more - all in a single rugged device. Capital expenditures and IT support costs are significantly reduced. Superior manageability allows you to easily and remotely provision, track and support all your MC70 devices from one central location through our Mobility Services Platform. A complete suite of accessories provides maximum application flexibility. And when you purchase Service from the Start with Comprehensive Coverage, we will repair damaged displays, plastics, keyboards, circuit boards, and other internal and external components at no extra charge - assisting you protect your investment and maintain peak performance.